Life Insurance :Circumstances when life insurance companies don’t pay out

With the continuing global economic crisis, there has been a lot in the press recently concerning the importance of life insurance at such a time and whether it is even certain that we’ll receive our money when we are due it. This is particularly relevant in the UK at the moment

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Best Life Insurance :Life Insurance – There’s more to giving up smoking than just getting healthy

March the 11th sees the 25th anniversary of No Smoking Day, a day of national recognition and support for those who want to try and give up.Over the past 25 years the campaign has grown from an awareness day organized by a group of individuals with an interest in health, to becoming

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Cheap Life Insurance :What happens if a smoker lies on a life insurance policy

With life insurance, there are three different premium classifications: standard, preferred or preferred plus. By not smoking (or having not smoked for at least 5 years) and being in excellent health, you will be awarded with a lower life insurance rate because your chances of dying

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